Longboarding, Surfing Without Sea

Many people mistakenly equate the two types of games which are longboarding and skateboarding. Longboarding and skateboarding have a very significant difference in the length of the board. It affects the balance when moving. Discover longboard that suits you by visiting our website. There you will find a wide variety of longboard that you can use to play and improve your adrenalin with your friends. Through our website, you also can see a comparison of the type of longboard and usability as well as the advantages of some beginner longboard.

Longboarding is the result of a combination of the sport of surfing and skateboarding combined into one. Longboarding board size was about 90-150cm and for the size of the wheels around 68-85mm. In addition, the playground is very different longboarding skateboarding. The players longboarding launch the action over the hills and the road downhill slide. In addition to healthy, a lot of men who think the game is cool and macho know. Nevertheless, we still have to be careful and pay attention to security. Security standard that you can use almost the same with the security standards in skateboarding. You can wear a helmet, wrist protectors, elbow and knee.

A layman would think similar longboard skateboard with surfboards larger and long size. In passing, it is similar to the longboard skate board, it’s just more variety and differentiated according to the function of the game. But if you are a player longboard and have mastered the tricks of the game, you would argue is the longboard surfing without the ocean. What’s interesting is the longboard game, players would look like he was dancing on the board because the movement they made writhed and looked interesting.

So, go to our website now and get the most suitable longboard for you to try and play with!