Monumen Palagan Lengkong at South Tangerang

The media is one of the most important aspects that help the society develop. With technology, the media could take the form of online media, like tangselone that you could find at If you are looking for a complete guide that provides information about tangsel, just click on the link, then you will get whatever you are looking for about tangsel. Now, if you are looking for a historical trip, you could visit tangsel. There is no country that forms without history and Indonesia is one of the countries that has so many histories that we often missed or simply do not know about it for the information that very limited. To remember history, people erect statues or monument in order to honour the death of the patriot. One of the monuments that many people forget is Monumen Palagan Lengkong. Located in South Tangerang, this is the place of the death of Daan Mogot. Yes, the name is familiar for one of the busiest roads in West Jakarta with high traffic was named after him. On the link above you could also find traffic news, so you could get to the location faster.