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Itch Because Of Mite? Here’s How To Eliminate Mites Of The Body With Easy

Have you ever experienced pain since childhood mites on first? Usually by the time a kid someone may get bitten mites. It felt pretty sore, but the pain feels like scratched. Skin color to red and raised bumps for tick bite. Then how to treat bed bug bites? But first, we must first know what it Mites. Mites are very small animals are usually red that often landed in places that are moist. Mites are included in the order Acarina. Mites differ with Ticks of mites closer together with spider seen from kinship. This animal is one of the most diverse invertebrate and successfully adapt to different environmental conditions. The size is mostly very small, so less attract large predators and cause it to spread.

Actual bedbugs bite is not painful because their saliva contains anesthetic substances. But the content of anticoagulants or blood thinners in the saliva of bed bugs causes some people develop an allergic reaction in the skin. This reaction actually varies in each person, can be mild or even severe. This depends on several factors, such as immune individuals concerned. Moments after being bitten by bedbugs, the skin will become itchy and raised bumps are flushed, and even blisters.

Explained Dr. Chan Chew Yuin, a dermatologist at the Dermatology Associates at Gleneagles Medical Centre, bites bedbugs generally appear on exposed body parts, such as the face, neck, arms, and legs. Bedbug bites may be infectious when people are bitten by excessive scratching to be wound. Although the wound can heal, but it could be leaving the skin tissue or increased pigmentation of the skin so that it appears a black mark on the bite marks.

“Cream steroids and oral antihistamines can help reduce itching and other skin reactions, topical or oral antibiotics may be used to treat infections of the skin,” advises Dr. Chan Chew Yuin. If you feel the itch tends to heat due to bedbugs bite, immediately treated. Remember, too, do not scratch the bumps because it can help prevent and reduce the increase in skin pigmentation and scarring.

“Skin pigmentation can be treated with sunscreen, whitening cream, such as tretinoin and hydroquinone, and laser therapy. The appearance of scars can be improved over time. The long term solution is to exterminate bed bugs. You can seek the help of a pest management company licensed,”